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Pot Belly Pig Rescue Sanctuary is in Trouble

September 10, 2010

Many pot belly pigs grow to weight between 150-200 lbs. When they get too large, many people abandon them and they end up at animal shelters.

According to an article on CTVCalgary.CA, the only rescue sanctuary for pot belly pigs and other farm animals in the Calgary area is suffering from a financial crisis. Although this particular sanctuary is in Calgary, Canada, the same problems are happening in the U.S.

Up until now, over the last 10 years, around 3 pot belly pigs have been living at the Rescue and Sanctuary for Threatened Animals or R.A.S.T.A. However, during the last several months, they’ve taken in 18 new pot belly pigs. Most of these rescued pot bellies need special medical attention, due to neglect or abuse. Pot belly pigs are expensive pets in general, because they need to see an exotic animal vet, which is more expensive than a vet you would take a dog or cat to.

Many people buy pot belly pigs under the assumption that they will stay small forever. When they end up growing to be 150-200 pounds, they don’t know what to do with them. Many pot belly pigs are abandoned or neglected and end up at facilities like R.A.S.T.A. Because of the recent teacup pot belly pig trend, this is happening even more often in the U.S. and all over the world.

Another problem is that many pot belly pig owners keep their pigs in a city environment, where they don’t have enough space to move around. Also people do not take into consideration their city’s laws concerning pot belly pigs. Many cities do not allow them, and when neighbors complain, the owners are forced to give their pets up. Where these pot belly pigs end up? At facilities like R.A.S.T.A. No wonder they are having a financial crisis.

It is important to be responsible when you decide to welcome a pot belly pig into your home. Although they are great pets and have a reputation for being extremely smart and loyal, they do require a lot of TLC. Being a pot belly pig owner is a huge commitment. This is something many people do not understand, which is why so many pot belly pigs end up abandoned or victims of animal abuse.

If you are considering becoming a pot belly pig owner, please adopt. There are many facilities just like R.A.S.T.A. in the U.S. and all over the world that have many pot belly pigs that need a good loving home. Visit this site to find a shelter near you.


Pot Belly Pig Sanctuary Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

June 25, 2010

The Happy Rails Farm and Animal Sanctuary houses over 1,300 animals, including pot belly pigs, horses, chickens and goats.

According to, Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Sunday June 27 from 12:00pm-5:00pm. The Ravenna sanctuary was founded by Annette and Ross Fisher and has taken in over 1,300 farm animals over the last 10 years. The couple, along with about 100 volunteers raise money and care for the animals’ needs; treating injuries, malnutrition and emotional stress. Volunteers also take animals to visit nursing home residents.

The Fishers have rescued animals ranging from pigeons to pot belly pigs and provide each and every one of the rescued critters with plenty of tender love and care. They’ve taken in animals from Scioto County, Brimfield Township, Deerfield Township, Trumbull County, Ross County and just recently rescued eight horses from Orange. They also rehabilitate former Amish plow and buggy horses and teach Amish farmers how to take better care of their horses used for such activities.

This Sunday, tour Happy Trails Farm and Animal Sanctuary for a donation fee of $10 for adults or $5 for children between 6-12 years old. Younger kids are free. Visitors may pet the goats, ponies, chickens, sheep, pot belly pigs and horses that reside on the sanctuary. Happy Trails will also provide free cruelty-free vegan desserts and beverages to guests.

For more information, read the full story on or visit the Happy Trails Web site.

Town Changes Ordinance to Allow Both Pigs and Pot Belly Pigs

June 4, 2010

Strawberry the yorkshire pig was almost banned from her home.

There are often stories in the news about pot belly pigs that are kicked out of their homes because the zoning laws in the particular town do not allow them. Last week, we mentioned Joker the pot belly pig who is still awaiting the decision of whether he will be able to stay in his Arkansas home. However, today, a success story was reported by CBS4 News of a pig whose family fought the law and won to keep their pig at home.

Strawberry is not a pot belly pig, she is a 600-pound yorkshire pig who became a member of the Falk Family in Southwest Ranches, Florida about a year-and-a-half ago when she was just 8 pounds. She was given to 12-year-old Kai Falk as a gift and was instantly treated like part of the family. Strawberry slept in the house, wore diapers and got her toe nails painted until she was about 100 pounds, then she was moved to the barn with the other animals because she was too big for the house.

Strawberry was adjusting to the barn well, when Southwest Ranches gave the family a notice that they would be fined $100 per day if they didn’t get rid of her. The town only allowed pot belly pigs, and Strawberry was a yorkshire pig, and much bigger than most pot bellies.

Harmonee Falk, Kai’s mother, announced that she wouldn’t be giving up Strawberry. She challenged the law that made pigs illegal and won last Thursday night at the local town meeting. The council voted unanimously to change the ordinance to allow all pigs to live in the town. However, there is only one pig allowed per home.

It’s nice to hear about a victory for pig lovers because so often all we hear are negative stories. Three cheers for the Falk family and Strawberry! For all the details, please read the full CBS4 story.