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How to Avoid the Worst 5 Household Dangers While Pet Sitting

January 28, 2011

Cleveland pet owners always want to keep their furry companions safe. When pet sitting, it is important to keep your animals away from hazards around the house. By making sure potential dangers are out of reach, unwanted injuries can easily be prevented as well as avoiding the risk of accidental poisoning.

No matter what techniques you use while pet sitting in Cleveland, these tips will ensure that pets stay safe when roaming through your home.

1. Keep the washer/dryer doors closed when not in use. Many animals love to lounge in the warm, enclosed spaces of these appliances. Be sure to close the doors so your pet won’t be tempted to crawl inside.

2. Remove tags/collars when placing the pet in a wire crate. Oftentimes, pet tags and collars can get stuck in the wire bars. Be sure not to place the tag on top of the crate, since your pet may be inclined to grab it and use it as a chew toy.

3. Cover all power strips and open outlets. This will prevent pets from licking or playing with the exposed outlets.

4. Cover all floor vents. Make sure vents are tightly fastened to the floor, and wrap them up in several layers of net. This will ensure your pets don’t burn their paws when stepping on these surfaces.

5. Keep toilet lids closed. Small pets may decide to explore your bathroom and try to hop in the toilet or drink the water. By making sure the lid is shut at all times, you will save your little companion from drowning.

Follow these simple tips, so your home or the home where you are pet sitting will be a safer environment.