Pot Belly Pig Care: How to Deal with Arthritis

If your pot belly pig has arthritis, make sure it has an cushy bed for added comfort.

Pot belly pigs are notorious for developing arthritis. There are many reasons why pot belly pigs are prone to arthritis, one of which is genetics but another common reason is because many are morbidly obese.


Many owners do not understand that although pot belly pigs do have a “pot-bellied” shape, there is a healthy body weight they must maintain in order to avoid health problems. When your pot belly pig is obese, joints may begin to degenerate prematurely, causing painful arthritis. However, once your pig has arthritis, what can you do to help it?

Consult your vet about putting your pot belly pig on a healthy diet and set goals for weight loss.

Check out your pot belly pig’s feet. If your pot belly pig’s hooves are not maintained, your pig may walk with legs angled abnormally causing problems. Make sure your piggie gets a good pedicure every once in a while to avoid this problem.

Add glycosaminoglycans to your pig’s diet. These help with good joint health. There’s an injectable form that has proven success. If the injectable is unavailable, there’s also a form of the drug that can be taken orally.

Make sure your aging pot belly pig has a nice comfortable bed with plenty of cushioning for their sore hips, elbows and to prevent further injury while laying down and getting up.


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