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Stairs VS Ramps: Which is Best for Your Pot Belly Pig? (Part 2)

December 10, 2010

Add carpet, sandpaper or another tacky material to a ramp like this. It makes the ramp easier for pot belly pigs to use.

When you bring a pot belly pig home, one of the questions you must ask yourself is, how will my pot belly pig get in and out of my house? If you have steps leading out of your house, you must think about whether you will allow your pot belly pig to use the steps, or if you would like to ramp-train your pig. Last week we weighed the pros and cons of stairs for your pot belly pig. Now lets talk about ramps. Ramps can be a much safer alternative to stairs for your pot belly pig. However there are a few drawbacks to using a ramp. Here are the pros and cons:


  • You won’t have to worry about your pot belly pig struggling to climb the stairs and getting hurt.
  • Once you make the ramp, you can use it to help your pig get up stairs in your home, go outside and get into your car.
  • For overweight pigs, a ramp is a must-have. They simply cannot do stairs.
  • If you teach pot belly pigs to use the ramp while they’re young, it’s extremely easy. However, with treats, adult pigs can learn to use the ramp without much trouble as well.


  • You must build or buy an extremely sturdy ramp. Some pot belly pigs will freak out if the ramp moves at all while they are on it and this could frighten them away from ever using it again.
  • Although it’s simple, it does take some time and patience to train your pot belly pig to use a ramp.
  • If you have more than one pot belly pig, and only one ramp, they may fight over who gets to use it first. For this reason, you may end up building or buying two ramps.
  • If you stop using a ramp for an extended period of time, you may have to re-train your pot belly pig how to use it.

Although ramps may seem to have a lot of cons, they are minor compared to the pros (i.e. your pot belly pig’s safety). Once you build your ramp and get your pot belly pig using it, you’ll see that it was worth the effort to see your pot belly pig getting around easily and safely. Bottom line, if you have a pot belly pig, really considering building him/her a ramp. It will make life much easier and healthier and therefore, happier.


Stairs VS Ramps: Which is Best for Your Pot Belly Pig? (Part 1)

December 3, 2010

You may consider building a ramp for your pot belly pig instead of hoping he/she can tackle the stairs. Photo courtesy of:

When many people bring their first pot belly pig home, they have to “pig-proof” their house to ensure their pot belly pig stays out of trouble. One thing you may not think about is stairs. Some pot belly pigs have no trouble with stairs, especially when they are younger. However, perhaps after reading this, you’ll consider buying or making a ramp, because they are much better for your pot belly pig in the long run. Here are the pros and cons of stairs.


  • If your pot belly pig can go up and down stairs easily, you don’t have to alter your home or buy any new supplies in order for your pig to get around.
  • If you decide to let your pot belly pig go up and down stairs, you don’t have to go through the training process of teaching him/her to use a ramp.
  • Young pot belly pigs that aren’t overweight often have no problem using stairs.


  • As your pot belly pig gets older, or gains weight, it can be difficult to for them to see stairs in front of them, which could cause an accident.
  • Very overweight pigs won’t be able to use stairs at all.
  • Using the stairs can put a huge stress on your pot belly pig’s joints. This can cause hairline-size cracks at the elbow joints which can cause your pig to lose its footing and fall, which can result in a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve is extremely painful for a pig, and could result in permanent damage.
  • If pigs are climbing stairs, they may get daring and start to leap off the last step or jump on and off furniture. This could not only cause a pinched nerve, but also a broken leg or back.
  • Pigs do not climb or jump in the wild, so by nature, they aren’t meant to climb stairs.

As you can see, the cons far out weigh the pros. Stay tuned for next week as we weigh the pros and cons of ramps for your pot belly pig.