Tips for Travelling By Car With Your Pig This Holiday Season Part 2

Travelling with your pot belly pig is easy when you follow these tips.

Travelling by car with your pot belly pig doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the proper training and preparation, travelling with your pig can be a breeze. Follow these tips for travelling with your pot belly pig by car.

  • If you’re taking your pot belly pig on long trips, make sure you take a long break every 3-4 hours or your pig may get restless and upset. During the break, give your pig a snack, some water and walk him around for some exercise. Don’t forget to let him take a bathroom break right when he get outs of the car and try to again before you get back on the road.
  • You need to know there is a chance that your pig may get car sick. To help fight this, feed him long before he get into the car and allow him to look out the window so he can see what is going on. If this doesn’t seem to be working, cover his crate with a sheet so he can take a nap without being disturbed. Peppermint and ginger root help humans and pigs calm an upset stomach, so if your pig is getting motion sickness, have some on hand for him to chew on.
  • When loading and unloading your pig, put him in the crate then push the crate up the back of the vehicle using a specially built ramp. You can also use an aluminum ladder for this.

Keeping these tips in mind when travelling with your pig by car this holiday season will make the experience much easier and enjoyable for both of you.


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