Tips for Travelling By Car With Your Pig This Holiday Season Part 1

Put your pot belly pig in a crate before travelling.

Will you be travelling with your pig this holiday season? There are a few things you must do to prepare for a car ride with your pot belly pig. Follow these tips and you’ll have no problem travelling by car with your pig, whether its a quick trip to the vet or a ride across town to Grandma’s house.

  • Crate or kennel train your pig. The crate should be big enough for the pig to stand up and turn around in. The only safe way to travel with your pig is if he is in a crate. Help your pig understand that the crate is somewhere he can feel safe.
  • Check the USDA requirements within your state and the states you are driving through or into. Each state has different requirements for entering and leaving with pigs. Pot belly pigs are included in these laws.
  • Take your pig for short drives in the crate to help him get used to the car. The crate should sit in the backseat of the car. Never put your pig in the back of your pick-up truck unless you’ve taken him on plenty of short trips beforehand. If a pig hasn’t been trained to ride in the back of a pick-up, he may get extremely frightened by the noise and could have a stroke.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to travel with your pot belly pig in a car.


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