How to Introduce a Second Pot Belly Pig to the Family

These pot belly pigs seem to be getting along great!

If you are a pot belly pig owner and you’re thinking about adopting another pig, first make sure you have enough space in your home. Many people want to get a second pig because they think their pig is lonely. However, this is probably not true. Most pot belly pigs don’t like other pigs and they’re perfectly happy being the only pig in the house. However, sometimes there are situations that we cannot help and people end up with more than one pot belly pig. Adding a new pot belly pig to the household can turn out to be a great thing, and if you introduce the pigs correctly you can get by with minimal problems. Here’s how:


Keep the pot belly pigs under strict supervision or separated for the first couple weeks. The slower you introduce them the better their first confrontation will be.

Introduce your pot belly pigs through a fence so they can get used to eat other’s smell. Then over the next few weeks introduce them for short periods of time. Increase the periods of time each day.

Make sure to introduce them on a neutral territory. Do not allow the new pig to invade your pot belly pig’s space i.e. bed area or food area. Pigs are very territorial and allowing them in each other’s space is asking for a fight to break out.

If your pot belly pigs do get in a fight, you can use a garbage can lid to break up their faces. Also if you keep your pigs on a harness and have someone else standing by, you will have more control over breaking up the fight.

Make sure the pot belly pigs are about the same size. Don’t leave a small pig alone with a bigger pig, or your small pig may be seriously injured.

Remember introducing your pot belly pigs will take time and you must be extremely patient. As they get to know each other, small fights may break out occasionally, but they will learn to tolerate each other and eventually love each other over time.


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