Keep Your Pot Belly Pig Healthy This Winter: Follow These 3 Tips

Make sure your pot belly pig has a proper heated home this winter. Photo courtesy of:

Winter is approaching and the changing temperatures affect pot belly pigs just as much as they affect humans. Pigs can get colds too and it’s important to take the proper precautions to make sure your pot belly pig doesn’t fall ill this winter. Here are some things to keep in mind and watch for as the temperature falls to make sure your pig stays comfortable this season.


  • If your pot belly pig lives outside, make sure she has proper housing. The housing must include a roof over it and a door to shield your pig from the weather. However, sometimes even when your pig has the proper housing, she can still fall ill. Pigs are susceptible to pneumonia, so you may want to consider moving your pig indoors for the winter or at least making sure there is a form of heat in your pig’s home. If you don’t want your pig in the house, make an area for her in your heated garage.
  • Make sure your pot belly pig always has dry bedding. Sometimes an outdoor pig’s home can become damp without you realizing it and wet bedding increases the chances of your pig falling ill and it’s very uncomfortable.
  • If you notice your pig is not eating as much as she usually does, take her temperature. If the temperature of your pot belly pig is above 101 your pig may be ill and you should contact your vet. A common symptom of pneumonia is loss of appetite, so watch for this and if you catch it in the beginning it can be cured without any major problems.

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