The 2 Most Common Pot Belly Pig Behavioral Problems & What to Do About Them

Pot belly pigs can have some behavioral problems sometimes, but who doesn't? Photo courtesy of

Although pot belly pigs make great overall pets, like every pet or person, some of them tend to have some bad personality traits that need to be dealt with. Here are the 2 most common behavioral problems pot belly pig owners deal with, and how to solve them.


Temper Tantrums: Some pot belly pigs tend to throw temper tantrums if they are upset. If you are always home then suddenly gone all day for some reason you could come home to destruction. This is your pot belly pig acting out because they feel neglected. Pot belly pigs are very smart and get bored easily. If they’re bored, they can be destructive.

If you return home to a grumpy pot belly pig, the best thing to do is to try to show them how much you missed them. If your pot belly pig is still upset and throwing a tantrum, talk nice to her but don’t pet her or give her too much attention. Soon your pot belly pig will realize that she doesn’t like being on the outs with mom or dad and she’ll go back to being her loving, nice self. In the future, if you need to leave all day, tell your pot belly big that you’ll be out all day and that she’ll get a special treat when you come back. Keeping your pig in the loop is the best way to prevent tantrums.

Territorial/Protective Behavior: Many times pot belly pigs can seem protective of their territory or a certain person. Often times if you are spending time with your pig and someone else enters the room they may bark or seem upset because they don’t want anyone honing in on your special time together. Other pigs don’t like strangers and will run away or bark at them.

The only thing to do about this is to reserve plenty of playing time and try to incorporate others so your pig isn’t so protective over one person. Just like a person, pigs need their space too, so make sure your pig has a bed or area that is just hers and try not to invade that space. Also give her plenty of space while she’s eating. Pigs are very smart which is why sometimes they don’t like strangers. However if the stranger ends up coming over often, the pig will eventually warm up to them and it won’t be problem anymore.


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