Train Your Pot Belly Pig to Walk on a Leash in 4 Easy Steps

It's easy to harness train your pot belly pig! Photo courtesy of: Hawthorne Hotel Blog.

Harness training your pot belly pig is much easier then it may seem. Pot belly pigs are extremely smart and can pick up on new things very easily if you know how to teach them correctly. Remember to always tell your pig what you are going to do before you do it. Follow these directions from to learn how to harness train your pig.


According to, there are two types of harnesses, A and H. The A style slips on over the pig’s head and snaps behind the front legs. The H style snaps around the neck of the pig as well as around the girth of the pig. Both styles will fit your pig comfortably, so it really doesn’t matter which you choose. Measure your pig using a flexible tape measure to determine the size of the harness.

1. Once you get the harness on your pig, which sometimes requires treats for distraction, it’s time to begin training. Since pigs are naturally prey in the wild, your pig may freak out when he first realizes he is in a harness because he may think a predator is retraining him. This is normal and once he realizes that you are only using it to guide him and not to hurt him, your pig will calm down.

2. Let your pig wear the harness, dragging the leash for a while to get comfortable with it. Then pick up the leash and follow your pig wherever he wants to go. Then begin putting a little pressure on the leash, call your pig’s name and give him a treat the minute he turns your direction.

3. Then stand a few steps away and pull the leash while calling your pig’s name. Hold the treat so he has to walk a few steps to get it. In a couple of days using this technique, your pig should be walking on the leash. After walking your pig a few times around the yard or house, he will begin to understand that he can move around as long as he stays close to you.

4. To get your pig to walk along with you at your pace is trickier. Start in the direction you want to go reciting a phrase you want your pig to associate with walking on the lease, such as “walk.” If your pig stays with you, give him a treat. If he doesn’t, when you’re as far apart as the leash will allow, call your pig and hold out a treat. As he approaches you, continue walking the way you want to go and give him the treat when he reaches you. Repeat this technique until your pig is walking with you on the leash. The best part about the intelligence of a pig is once you’ve taught him something new, he’ll never forget it. Now go outside and enjoy a leisurely walk with your pet.


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