Festive Pot Belly Pig Halloween Costume Ideas Part 1

This pot belly pig is adorable in its pumpkin Halloween costume.

Dressing up for Halloween is an age-old tradition that many people look forward to. Why not include your beloved pet pot belly pig? Dressing up your pot belly pig for Halloween is not only fun for you, but it will also be entertaining for the trick-or-treaters that come to your house on Halloween night.


Some pot belly pigs are small enough to be dressed in Halloween costumes that are meant for dogs. Especially if the costume is very simple like a cape, collar or hat. Some of the most popular costumes include witch, devil or pirate. Another popular one is a pumpkin.

Super hero costumes are also common for pets, especially because a cape is an easy alternative to a full body suit that can be irritating to animals. Dress your pot belly pig up as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or Spiderman.

Another easy costume for those who want to dress up their pot belly pig without a full costume is a decorative headpiece or collar. This clown costume is cute for a pot belly pig that wants to dress up but doesn’t fit in the full body animal costumes. You can also put a candy-corn or treat-or-treat bandanna on your pig if you don’t feel like dressing him or her in full costume but still want to be festive.

If your pot belly pig is too large to fit in store bought costumes, you can always make your own. Stay tuned for next week when you will learn how you can make your own pot belly pig costume for your pet.


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