Pot Belly Pig Entertainment 101: How to Select the Best Toys for Your Pet

This busy ball is a great toy for pot belly pigs and will keep them entertained for hours.

Pot bellied pigs are extremely smart, which means they can get bored very easily. A bored pot belly pig is an unhappy pot belly pig, which means they may become destructive or mischievous. Pigs are naturally social animals, and if there is no human or other pig available they like to play with toys. Here’s how to select the right toys (or make your own) to keep your pig entertained and happy.

A must-have toy for your pot belly pig is a busy ball. The hollow ball holds treats and/or pig chow and it made of hard plastic. There’s a hole in the ball that’s just big enough for some food to spill out which will provide hours or entertainment for your pet.

Baby toys can also provide hours of fun for pot belly pigs. Just make sure the toys are too big for your pig to swallow and they don’t have any parts that can easily break off.

Traditional cat toys such as wicker balls and other hard plastic toys are great for pot belly pigs and can be purchased at any pet supplies store.

Large diameter PVC piper with thick walls make fun tunnels and hides for pot belly pigs.

In the summer time, fill a kiddie pool with water for your pig to play in. It will keep him or her entertained and cool.

You can also make a root box for your pot bellied pig. Build a box out of plywood that’s about 4 inches keep and about 2 feet by 2 feet in size. Fill the box with hay and food or treats like Cheerios for your pig to find. Your pot belly pig will love his or her root box because rooting is a natural instinct of pigs.

Now that you have plenty of toys for your pot belly pig, enjoy hours of fun playing and building a better relationship with your pet.


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