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Train Your Pot Belly Pig to Walk on a Leash in 4 Easy Steps

October 29, 2010

It's easy to harness train your pot belly pig! Photo courtesy of: Hawthorne Hotel Blog.

Harness training your pot belly pig is much easier then it may seem. Pot belly pigs are extremely smart and can pick up on new things very easily if you know how to teach them correctly. Remember to always tell your pig what you are going to do before you do it. Follow these directions from to learn how to harness train your pig.


According to, there are two types of harnesses, A and H. The A style slips on over the pig’s head and snaps behind the front legs. The H style snaps around the neck of the pig as well as around the girth of the pig. Both styles will fit your pig comfortably, so it really doesn’t matter which you choose. Measure your pig using a flexible tape measure to determine the size of the harness.

1. Once you get the harness on your pig, which sometimes requires treats for distraction, it’s time to begin training. Since pigs are naturally prey in the wild, your pig may freak out when he first realizes he is in a harness because he may think a predator is retraining him. This is normal and once he realizes that you are only using it to guide him and not to hurt him, your pig will calm down.

2. Let your pig wear the harness, dragging the leash for a while to get comfortable with it. Then pick up the leash and follow your pig wherever he wants to go. Then begin putting a little pressure on the leash, call your pig’s name and give him a treat the minute he turns your direction.

3. Then stand a few steps away and pull the leash while calling your pig’s name. Hold the treat so he has to walk a few steps to get it. In a couple of days using this technique, your pig should be walking on the leash. After walking your pig a few times around the yard or house, he will begin to understand that he can move around as long as he stays close to you.

4. To get your pig to walk along with you at your pace is trickier. Start in the direction you want to go reciting a phrase you want your pig to associate with walking on the lease, such as “walk.” If your pig stays with you, give him a treat. If he doesn’t, when you’re as far apart as the leash will allow, call your pig and hold out a treat. As he approaches you, continue walking the way you want to go and give him the treat when he reaches you. Repeat this technique until your pig is walking with you on the leash. The best part about the intelligence of a pig is once you’ve taught him something new, he’ll never forget it. Now go outside and enjoy a leisurely walk with your pet.


5 Best Treats for Pot Belly Pigs

October 22, 2010

Cheerios are a great healthy snack for pot belly pigs.

Although it’s important to keep your pot belly pig on a strict diet and feeding schedule so they do not become overweight, it’s good to have some healthy snacks around for your pig to enjoy if he or she is hungry between meals or if you want to teach him or her a new trick. Here are the top 5 best healthy snacks for your pot belly pig.


PB and Cheerios: Pot belly pigs love peanut butter and they are also very fond of Cheerios so the combination of both is unbeatable. Cheerios are also low in calories so you don’t have to feel guilty for feeding them to your pig. Roll some cheerios in peanut butter to form a small ball then serve.

Baked Cheese Crisps: Potbelly pigs love cheese but they shouldn’t have it in large amounts. Make cheese crisps by mixing plain dough in some light cheese. Cut into small squares and bake. You’re pot belly pig will go crazy for this bite size snack.

Popcorn: Unbuttered, unsalted air-popped popcorn is a great treat for your pot belly pig. They love the crunch and it’s a healthy, low-cal treat for them.

Bite-Size Shredded Wheat: These are great to use when training your pot belly pig. It’s a great low calorie reward.

Grapes: If you’re looking for a treat to feed your pot belly pig while you’re teaching him or her a new trick, grapes are a popular choice. Since fruit can be high in in calories from fructose, make sure you feed your piggy fruit in limited amounts.

A well-fed pot belly pig is a happy pot belly pig. Remember to make sure your pet has a well-balanced diet and gets plenty of exercise so he or she stays healthy.

Festive Pot Belly Pig Costume Ideas Part 2

October 15, 2010

Get your pot belly pig in the Halloween spirit by making it a costume! Photo courtesy of

How To Make Your Own Halloween Costumes for Pets

Pet costumes are becoming more and more popular. If you shop at the right stores, you can still get costumes pretty cheap, but sometimes it’s easier to make your own.

The first step into making the perfect costume for your pot belly pig is to brainstorm with your families for ideas of what kind of costume. Do you a fairy costume? Do you want your pot belly pig to look like a super hero? Be creative, and think of pieces that can work for each element of the costume. If you want a fairy, you are going to have to think of something you can use for wings, or if you can’t think of anything, you might have to change your costume. If you are thinking about doing a fairy for your pig (or even for a human) you can use this tutorial on YouTube.

The next step after deciding on the outfit and planning out pieces that can work for each element, is to find the costume pieces. If you measure your pot belly pig, you can find some clothes at consignment shops for kids that might fit. Depending on whether it is a girl pet or a boy pig, you can check the different kid sections at Goodwill for cheaper prices. If you have a tricky piece, you can find more tutorials on YouTube.

If you decided on a fairy, you can use the YouTube tutorial above for the wings, and you can try to find a pink short sleeve shirt in the girls section, and if you can find one, a pink tutu. If you can’t find a pink tutu, can try to find a matching skirt. Try to avoid pants and shorts for costumes because it may not fit your pet right if you are looking at human clothes. Even if you don’t have a bottom, the costume will still look great.

Another idea for a pet costume that will suit a boy pet better than a fairy, is a super hero! You can try and find old batman or superman pajamas at a consignment shop. If you can’t find any, a black short sleeved shirt will still look great. For a cape, you can buy a small amount of material and an extra collar, and sew the material onto the collar. You can cut a zig zag design on the end to make it more interesting. Use fabric paint to write something on the cape, like “Super Pig” or “SuperBuddy” (if your pig’s name is Buddy).

Making a pet costume is a fun family way to bond with each other. All you need is a little creativity. Most of the ideas you come up with will definitely be under $20, or if planned right, under $10.

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