4 Do’s and Dont’s for Adopting a Pot Belly Pig

If you're thinking about welcoming a pot belly pig into your home, please adopt!

Thinking about adopting a pot belly pig? There are many pigs that have been abandoned by their families and need a loving home. After you’ve properly researched how to care for your pot belly pig and you’re positive that you’d like to welcome one into your home, the only thing left is to find one in need of some TLC. Here are 4 do’s and dont’s to keep in mind when finding a pot belly pig to adopt.

Do consult the list of shelters provided by the North American Potbellied Pig Association. It’s a great place to start when you’re looking for a pig in need of a good home. Also browse pigs on Petfinder.com where you can search the listings by region and view photos and bios of abandoned pot belly pigs. Also check message boards on online pot belly pig communities.

Don’t forget to ask lots of questions about why the pot belly pig was abandoned and find out if the pig has aggression or unresolved behavioral issues. If you are going to be a first time pig owner, you won’t want a pig that is already hard to handle.

Do ask about the pot belly pig’s current living conditions. If he or she is coming from a shelter, ask the caretaker what a typical day for the pot belly pig has been like. This will help you make the pot belly pig feel more comfortable in your home and make the transition from place to place less shocking.

Don’t take in a pot belly pig before you’ve checked your local zoning laws. Many cities outlaw pot belly pigs and you wouldn’t want to adopt one only to find out that you need to give him or her back to the shelter because your neighbors are complaining and your city is charging you with a fine.

Pot belly pigs are very smart animals that make wonderful pets. Although they do need a lot of attention and can be expensive to raise, the companionship they provide makes all the hard work worthwhile. PBPTLC always encourages adoption rather than buying a pot belly pig from a breeder because there are so many abandoned pot belly pigs that deserve a second chance and a good home.


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