How To Feed Your Pot Belly Pig Properly

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Pot belly pigs are extremely smart animals and can live up to 20 years if taken care of properly. However, they can be very complicated to care for. They need to be fed meals and snacks often, get bored easily and need a lot of TLC. Part of caring for your pot belly pig is knowing how and what to feed it properly. Pot belly pigs require a low-protein, low-salt diet to remain healthy. Here’s how to feed your pot belly pig correctly from

Know that pot belly pigs may be small, but they aren’t light or thin. Most only grow to be the size of a small or medium-height dog, but weigh at least 100 pounds. They have a healthy appetite and must be fed on a regular basis. Feeding them less will not keep them small, as some unethical breeders say, it will just make them unhealthy and unhappy.

Pot belly pigs are very sensitive to environment changes. They can get sick in the winter and are very particular about their surroundings. For this reason, always feed them in the same area to make them feel more comfortable.

Your pot belly pig should be fed a diet that is low in protein and fat. Besides pot belly pig feed, which is available in specialty pet shops or online, you can feed your pot belly pig horse feed or hog feed. Just be sure to check the nutritional content to make sure it meets your pig’s needs and avoid anything called “sweet feed” or hog “starter” feed.

Don’t give your pig any food that has sugars of any type. Stay away from feed that contains molasses, sugar cane or sugar beet. Also make sure to feed your pot belly pig plenty of vegetables to supplement its diet.

Feed your pot belly pig at least 3 times a day. Allow about a cup of food per feeding. Chop up vegetables for your pig daily. Less than a handful is enough for a full-grown pig. Always have fresh water on hand for your pig to drink.

Remember, you can always ask your pot belly pig’s vet about diet choices to make sure your pet is healthy. Keeping your pot belly pig on a strict and regular diet will help it live a longer, healthier life.


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