How to Make Your Home Safe for Pot Belly Pigs

Make sure your home is safe for your new pot belly pig. Photo courtesy of Promised Land Zoo.

If you’re planning on bringing home a new pot belly pig, you have to keep in mind that they are just like having a 3-4 year old child in the house. As a result, you need to pig-proof your home so it is safe for your pot belly pig to stay in. Pot belly pigs are very curious and pig-proofing your home will make sure your new pet stays safe and comfortable in its new environment.

If your house floors aren’t carpeted, make a path of throw rugs from room to room so your pig can get around. Smaller pigs have a hard time getting around on slick floors, so the throw rug path may just be temporary until your pot belly pig grows up. These throw rugs also function as a path to where your pot belly pig is allowed to go. Pot belly pigs are very curious and if you don’t want to encourage them to go to certain parts of the home, don’t put throw rugs down leading to that area.

Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets that contain dangerous, potentially poisonous substances closed and locked securely, just like you would with a child.

Use a wide, unbreakable bowl for the pot belly pig’s food. Pigs like to push things around with their noses, so using a glass bowl could result in broken dishes. An aluminum pan is a good choice for pig food because it’s wide enough that your pig can eat easily, its durable and makes for a pretty painless clean up.

You may have heard that young pot belly pigs need something warm to cuddle with. This information is true, however do not use an electric heating pad. The pig could chew the cord and be seriously injured. Instead use a special heat mat that are made for dogs or cats. Or you could tie 2 pounds of dry beans in a pillow case and tie the top in a knot. This can then be warmed in the microwave and hold heat for about 2 hours.

Keep all electric cords out of the pigs reach in the beginning but work to teach them that electric cords are not to be touched. Since pigs are so smart, this is not a difficult task.

Pig-proofing your home will make your job as the pig’s caretaker much easier and make sure your pet stays safe and lives a long, healthy life.


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