The Many Different Types of Pot Belly Pigs

Pot belly pigs are very different from farm pigs. Firstly, they differ greatly in size. A pot belly pig generally weighs between 50-150 pounds whereas a farm pig can exceed 1,000 pounds when fully grown. Farm pigs have an appetite to match their size, which can make it very difficult to keep one as a pet. The pot belly pig, however makes a great family-friendly pet because it is social by nature and also highly intelligent. There a many different types of pot belly, or miniature pigs that can be kept as pets. Here are the types and descriptions of each.

Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs – This is the most popular breed of pot belly pig in households today. The average height of a Vietnamese pot belly pig is about 14 inches and their average weight ranges between 50-150 pounds. They make great family pets, are very smart and are gentle and loyal by nature.

African Pygmy or Guinea Hog – These miniature pigs generally weigh between 20-40 pounds and reach an average height of 14-22 inches. They’re highly intelligent, active and alert. They’re characterized by their straight backs and they’re very friendly and bond quickly with people.

Juliani Pigs – These are also called the painted miniature pig. They’e usually only about 10-16 inches tall and weigh only about 15-50 pounds. They’re gentle like the Vietnamese pot belly pig and make great family pets.

Ossabaw Island Pig – These pigs are about 14-20 inches tall and weigh between 25-90 pounds. They have a great temperament, are highly intelligent and bond well with people. They can live up to 25 years so are a huge commitment but make loving companions.

Yucatan Pig – These pigs are also called the Mexican hairless pig. Some Yucatan pigs are small, weighing between 50-100 pounds while other larger Yucatans can be up to 200 pounds. They grow to be between 16-24 inches in height.

As always, before adopting a pot belly pig, remember to do your research. Owning a pot belly pig is a huge responsibility but is also very rewarding. Research the different breeds of miniature pigs before choosing one that’s right for your family. Also always adopt. There are many abandoned pot belly pigs out there that need a good home, so call around to local animal shelters or search online for a pot belly pig rescue center in your area.


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