How to Recognize Your Potbelly Pig’s Emotions

Pigs are very intelligent animals and it’s very easy to tell how they are feeling. Their feelings are much more recognizable than a lot of other household pets. It’s great because I don’t ever have to guess what our potbelly pigs want or how they are feeling. If Leann is grouchy, she will make a loud “grrring” noise and if she’s excited, she will make “oofing” sounds when Leann gets excited for her food.

When Leann is happy, she smiles and wants to be cuddly. I love it when our potbelly pigs want cuddles. Leann and Daisy love their tummies and backs scratched with a back scratcher. They also love to sleep next to us on the floor or even in our bed. The other day my dad cuddled with Daisy on the floor and scratched her tummy with a back scratcher. Daisy laid down on her side for about twenty minutes. Potbelly pigs are very needy animals, however. If Daisy or Leann don’t get their cuddles for the day, then they are grouchy. Usually they will ignore us, get into trouble, or be annoyingly loud if we don’t give them cuddles.


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