Potbelly Pigs Keep Cool in the Summertime

My potbelly pigs love the summertime. We take them out a lot on the porch and on the ground and give them baths. Besides the nice weather, they also look forward to the wonderful summer treats that come with it like watermelon. We usually give watermelon to them when they are not drinking a lot of water or we give it to them as a treat for being good well behaved piggies.

We have sliding glass doors and it’s funny because during nice days Leann lays next to them inside or on the porch and she naps. Besides sleeping next to the windows, our potbelly pig also likes to lie in the litter box  when during the summertime. We figured that she probably does it to keep cool like other pigs lie in the mud. Since she likes to lie in the litter box, we have to wash her a lot so she doesn’t smell. She also tries to eat her litter pellets sometimes and I think it’s because the pellets are made from recycled paper. Some potbelly pigs like Leann will often try to eat a piece of paper that falls off the table or they find laying on the floor. They are really silly pigs sometimes.


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