Take Your Pot Belly Pig for a Day at the Spa

Pamper your pot belly pig with a day at the spa. Photo source: Pot-Belly-Pigs.com

If your pot belly pig needs pampering, there’s only one place to take him or her, the spa! In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Ross Mill Farm Piggy Resort and Spa offers pot belly pigs special treatments including mango-scented baths, Reiki-inspired massage, facials and skin and hair conditioning. The spa also offers a variety of oil and moisturizing treatments for pot belly pigs.

The year and half old facility was built with pot belly pigs in mind. The easily-washable floor is made of the same material as hospital floors, so the pigs have a “grippable” surface to walk on and heat comes up through the floor to keep the piggies warm while they lounge on blankets and listen to soft rock.

Customers from from New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia drop their pigs off at the spa for a day of pampering or to see the specialized pot belly pig vet who visits the facility weekly. The spa is also a foster care and adoption service and offers veterinary care, weight loss programs and behavioral consultations. The online store sells pig clothing and accessories such a ComfortFit pig coats.

Today the pot belly pig spa services about 2,000 customers and the numbers keep growing. For more information about the pot belly pig spa, read the full article on PetStyleNews.com.


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