How to Keep Your Pot Belly Pig Cool on a Hot Summer Day

Pot belly pigs love playing in kiddie pools. Photo courtesy of

The summer can be tough for pot belly pigs because pigs do not really sweat. Sometimes you may see a few droplets at the top of a pig’s nose, which is their only way of “sweating.” When it’s extremely hot outside they tend to become lazy and don’t want to go outside and be active because of the high temperatures. You need to help them find a way to keep cool and active unless you want a restless, grumpy or lazy pot belly pig on your hands. Here are some ways to keep your pig cool during the hot summer months.

Get a plastic kiddie pool. They usually only last for one season because the pigs will destroy the cheap plastic kind, but if you fill the kiddie pool with water and make sure it’s low enough that your pig can hop inside, he or she will thank you for the cool relief from the heat.

Make a mud hole. Some owners may not like to do this because it means getting their pig very dirty, but rolling around in the mud will instantly cool your pig off. Plus caked on mud keeps bugs from bothering your pot belly pig’s skin and also acts as a sunscreen. Remember, pot belly pigs need sunscreen just like we do, especially light colored pigs, so remember to slather it on before letting him or her play outside.

Keep clean, cool water nearby at all time. You want to make sure in the summer months that your pig always has access to cool water so he or she does not become dehydrated.

These tips will help to keep your pot belly pig cool, healthy and happy during the hottest summer months. Encouraging your pig to stay active, even in the hot weather, will help him or her lead a longer, healthier life.


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