Communicating With Your Pot Belly Pig: Learn to Interpret Pig Sounds

Learning to interpret your pot belly pig's language will help you be the best owner you can. Photo from

If you’re a pot belly pig owner, you know your pig makes certain sounds and gestures when it is trying to get its point across. Pot belly pigs each have their own personality and if you’re a new owner, spending time with your pig is the only way you will get to know each other and come to understand each other. Pot belly pigs are very smart and have very advanced communication skills. To help you understand your pot belly pigs needs, here are some examples of pot belly pig “speak” from and what the gestures and sounds usually mean:

Vocal communication:
Grunting: Usually the noise a mother pig makes when feeding her young.
Barking: A warning of danger nearby.
Squealing: A sign of anticipation (usually when about to be fed) or a sign of pain.
A quiet, hot panting: Usually the pot belly pigs way of saying “hello” or being friendly.
A rough coughing noise: Usually means your pig is annoyed about something.

Body Language:
According to, a happy pig rarely shows body postures because they are usually related to showing a dominance level on the social ladder. A spoiled, challenged or unhappy pig may however, change its ear set, face off, throw its head and click its jaws. These activities are usually in response to a bad situation or another animal invading its space.

Now that you know common ways your pot belly pig may vocally and physically express itself, you will be better able to give your pet a happy life, which will make your pot belly a better companion for you and you family.


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