8 General Health Needs of Pot Belly Pigs That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Caring for your pot belly pig correctly will ensure he or she has a long, happy life.

Owning a pot belly pig means experiencing a pet that is extremely loyal and fun, but if you don’t care for him or her properly you could be causing your pot belly harm without realizing it. Here are 8 general health needs of your pot belly pig that you need to remember to satisfy in order to be a good owner.

Hooves need annual trimming if you have an indoor pig. If your pig spends time walking on pavement or concrete his or her hooves will be trimmed by themselves, otherwise you need to take him or her to the vet for a hoof trim, or if the pig allows it, you may be able to trim them yourself if you feel confident enough.

Pigs need sunscreen if they are going to be outside. Especially if they are light colored pigs. They can get uncomfortable sun burn just like humans can, so be sure to get a special pot belly pig sunscreen and apply generously before your piggie plays outside.

Dry, flaking or scaly skin needs to be treated with special pot belly pig lotion. You may be able to find it at a local pet store, but chances are you’ll need to order it online. PigsForEver.com has a lot of great skin products for pigs.

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems pot belly pigs face. Make sure your pot belly pig gets lots of roughage, i.e. grass, greens, fruits and vegetables. Don’t give them a lot of feed that contains corn and soybean, this could result in obesity. Also make sure they get time to exercise every day so your pet doesn’t become fat, lazy and unhealthy.

Male pot belly pigs grow tusks. Tusks usually need to be trimmed every couple of years by a vet.

You should spay or neuter your pet pot belly pig. When females are not spayed they tend to get very restless, moody and loud. Male pot bellies tend to aggressive and restless when they’re not neutered, which is not ideal for a family pet.

Pot belly pigs need vaccinations and yearly boosters for common pig diseases. Your vet will be able to guide you when it comes to which medications your pot belly pig needs. Make sure you bring your pot belly to a vet who has previous experience with pot belly pigs.

Pot belly pigs need annual worming as well, which is another reason why you need an experienced veterinarian.

Addressing these general health issues when caring for your pot belly pig will ensure that he or she has a long, healthy and happy life with you.


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