Town Changes Ordinance to Allow Both Pigs and Pot Belly Pigs

Strawberry the yorkshire pig was almost banned from her home.

There are often stories in the news about pot belly pigs that are kicked out of their homes because the zoning laws in the particular town do not allow them. Last week, we mentioned Joker the pot belly pig who is still awaiting the decision of whether he will be able to stay in his Arkansas home. However, today, a success story was reported by CBS4 News of a pig whose family fought the law and won to keep their pig at home.

Strawberry is not a pot belly pig, she is a 600-pound yorkshire pig who became a member of the Falk Family in Southwest Ranches, Florida about a year-and-a-half ago when she was just 8 pounds. She was given to 12-year-old Kai Falk as a gift and was instantly treated like part of the family. Strawberry slept in the house, wore diapers and got her toe nails painted until she was about 100 pounds, then she was moved to the barn with the other animals because she was too big for the house.

Strawberry was adjusting to the barn well, when Southwest Ranches gave the family a notice that they would be fined $100 per day if they didn’t get rid of her. The town only allowed pot belly pigs, and Strawberry was a yorkshire pig, and much bigger than most pot bellies.

Harmonee Falk, Kai’s mother, announced that she wouldn’t be giving up Strawberry. She challenged the law that made pigs illegal and won last Thursday night at the local town meeting. The council voted unanimously to change the ordinance to allow all pigs to live in the town. However, there is only one pig allowed per home.

It’s nice to hear about a victory for pig lovers because so often all we hear are negative stories. Three cheers for the Falk family and Strawberry! For all the details, please read the full CBS4 story.


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