Potbelly Pig Lover Creates Sanctuary and Rescues Over 60 Pigs

Mary Ann Piatkowski built a potbelly pig sanctuary in Virgina that is now home to over 60 pigs.

NBC recently posted a story online about a woman in Scottsville, VA who has built a sanctuary for more than 60 rescued pigs. Mary Ann Piatkowski was given a pet potbelly pig for Christmas 10 years ago and it was love at first sight. When other pot belly pig owners began asking her for help in raising their pigs, she realized that for many people, raising a pig at home was a lot harder than it looks. This inspired her to build the Pigtailz Junction Sanctuary, where in the past few years her pig family has grown to over 60 pigs.

The pot belly pigs at the Pigtailz Junction Sanctuary lead a comfortable life where they get plenty of TLC from Piatkowski and her family. The potbelly pigs eat about $600 worth of pig food a month. Piatkowski relies on donations and selling pig memorabilia online to raise the money to keep the sanctuary going.

Every pot belly has a story of how they ended up at the sanctuary. One pig was on his way to be butchered, fell out of the truck and was rescued. Another was brought home from Hawaii by a couple who couldn’t keep her in their apartment due to Health Department regulations and complaining neighbors. However they arrived at the sanctuary, we’re glad they made it there in the loving arms of the Piatkowski family. The full story can be found here on NBC.com‘s Web site.


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