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Arkansas Pot Bellied Pig Owner Fights to Keep His Pet

May 28, 2010

Joker the pot belly pig and his owner Wilferd Kallhoff.

According to KY3 News, in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Wilferd Kallhoff is fighting to keep his beloved pet pot bellied pig, Joker. Kallhoff moved to Mountain Home about a month ago and it wasn’t a week later before someone complained about his pet. Joker, a 200 pound, 18-year-old pot belly pig is like a child to Kallhoff and he would be devastated if he had to give him up. However, after the complaint was filed, the mayor suggested Mountain Home police check out the situation.

There is an ordinance that prohibits hogs in town and Kallhoff was given a ticket for having a hog. Kallhoff is going to argue the ticket in court because he believes he doesn’t own a hog. He tells KY3 News, “Hogs are for butchering and for eating. Pot-bellied pigs are pets; that’s the USDA’s take on it.”

The neighbor who complained about Joker says her allergies and breathing problems have become worse since Joker moved in. Kallhoff says it’s the weather that’s to blame, not his pet.

Once Kallhoff and Joker’s story was printed in the local newspaper, it caused an uproar of people who immediately took sides. Kallhoff has received many offers from coast to coast to adopt Joker if he is forced to give him up and there is now almost 400 fans on a “Save Joker” Facebook page. Kallhoff hopes to keep Joker, saying that he believes he’s not hurting anything or anyone. Kallhoff says Joker is very old for a pot bellied pig and probably won’t live much longer. He also says he cleans his pen every day and that by nature, he believes pot bellied pigs to be cleaner than dogs.

For more details, please read the full article. What do you think? Should Kallhoff be able to keep Joker even if there is city ordinance against “hogs?”


The Controversy Between Pot Belly Pigs and Celebrities

May 14, 2010

Pot belly pigs have been becoming increasingly popular pets for Hollywood celebrities since 2008 and now there are more celebrity pot belly pig owners than ever. However, we question whether this is a good or a bad thing.
According to OK! Magazine, widely-known actor, George Clooney has owned a pot belly pig for 20 years. He tells OK!“Pot belly pigs are so smart. It’s like dealing with a human. If you yell at a 5-year-old child, it hurts. Like when your dad yells at you. That’s what a pig feels. People don’t realize that. It’s a negative and a positive at the same time. They’re good pets but they’re not like owning a dog. They’re very clean and they have a lot of personality and they get very nippy. People get scared of them when they get older because they come and start nibbling at you. They’ve got little chompers and it hurts. I’m hoping that 2-3 years from now we don’t start seeing these pot belly pigs. It is a fad, like the girls walking the red carpet with their small dogs.”

At least Clooney knows the intelligence of pot belly pigs and knows how much TLC they really need. However, some celebrities, like Paris Hilton, have expressed their interest in pot belly pigs, and made animal activist group, P.E.T.A. very upset. Many people operate under the assumption that pot belly pigs stay small, when in fact they do not. Most end up weighing about 120-150 pounds. Pot belly pigs also require a large amount of attention, which celebrities who travel often and work long hours constantly just can’t provide.
In conclusion, celebrities, we don’t have anything against you, and although you may love the idea of being a loving pot belly pig owner, unless you plan on retiring to live a life of leisure in your million dollar mansion, don’t get a pot belly pig as a pet. They have as much intelligence as a 4-year-old child, require excessive amounts of care and aren’t exactly a pet you can carry in your purse.

Potbelly Pig Lover Creates Sanctuary and Rescues Over 60 Pigs

May 7, 2010

Mary Ann Piatkowski built a potbelly pig sanctuary in Virgina that is now home to over 60 pigs.

NBC recently posted a story online about a woman in Scottsville, VA who has built a sanctuary for more than 60 rescued pigs. Mary Ann Piatkowski was given a pet potbelly pig for Christmas 10 years ago and it was love at first sight. When other pot belly pig owners began asking her for help in raising their pigs, she realized that for many people, raising a pig at home was a lot harder than it looks. This inspired her to build the Pigtailz Junction Sanctuary, where in the past few years her pig family has grown to over 60 pigs.

The pot belly pigs at the Pigtailz Junction Sanctuary lead a comfortable life where they get plenty of TLC from Piatkowski and her family. The potbelly pigs eat about $600 worth of pig food a month. Piatkowski relies on donations and selling pig memorabilia online to raise the money to keep the sanctuary going.

Every pot belly has a story of how they ended up at the sanctuary. One pig was on his way to be butchered, fell out of the truck and was rescued. Another was brought home from Hawaii by a couple who couldn’t keep her in their apartment due to Health Department regulations and complaining neighbors. However they arrived at the sanctuary, we’re glad they made it there in the loving arms of the Piatkowski family. The full story can be found here on‘s Web site.