Thinking About a Pot Belly Pig? Consider Adopting!

Adopt a cute potbelly piglet from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder or pet store.

So you are thinking about letting a pot belly pig join your family, but you aren’t sure whether to buy or adopt. Pot Belly Pigs TLC asks you to please adopt, and here’s why!

Sadly there are many pot belly pigs that are abandoned and since there aren’t laws the protect pot bellies like there are for dogs and cats, abuse is very common. There are hundreds of pot bellies that are displaced and now live in shelters where they don’t get as much attention as they need to be happy.
Many dedicated pot belly pig organizations do not sell pot belly pigs and do not support breeders or pet stores who do because they are often irresponsible of who they sell to. Many pet stores will sell to anyone as long as they are over 18 years of age. Sadly, many people do not do their research before buying a pot belly pig and soon realize they are a lot more work than they thought, or their area laws prohibit pot bellies. This results in many pigs being “dumped” on the streets and becoming part of the already-large unwanted pig population.

Many people do not want to rescue any animals from a shelter because they think they will be adopting someone else’s “problem” pet. Although pot belly pigs are highly intelligent, and being abandoned or abused is much harder for them to get over, it doesn’t mean they will be a horrible pet. No sanctuary or rescue center will adopt out a pig that does have a problem. Most pot belly pigs that come from a shelter, with the right TLC, are wonderful pets to responsible owners. If you are considering buying a pig because you want a piglet, remember there are many pot bellies of all ages available for adoption at shelters. It is possible to adopt a piglet, because many times rescue centers get pregnant sows and later need homes for the piglets, you just need to keep checking back or ask at multiple shelters. It takes effort, but it’s the right thing to do.

If you are considering adopting a pot belly, please make sure to do your homework first. Research all about pot belly pigs by going to different sites, reading our blog and contacting other pot belly owners to hear about their experience. Pot belly pigs are amazingly wonderful pets but like we’ve said before, they are a large responsibility.


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