Potty Training Your Pot Belly Pig

While your pot belly pig is a piglet, you must have a litter box for them to use inside. Make sure the little box is shallow, if it’s over 3 inches tall, your pot belly might have a hard time getting in and out. Don’t use a litter box designed for cats, they are often too small or high for your pot bellied pal. Some pot belly owners have used utility trays, baby pools and other plastic boxes that can be cut and customized to fit your pot belly’s needs.

Newspaper is great to use for litter medium. It’s a great way to recycle those daily newspapers, it’s cheap and effective. Kitty litter is not to be used for pigs.
Many pot belly pigs tend to urinate while they are drinking water. One pot belly owner suggested this tip for making sure they do their business in the litter box. She said to place the pot belly’s water in a place over the litter box so your pig will have to step in the litter box to drink. That way if she decides to drink and tinkle at the same time, there’s no mess to clean up for you.
To help your pig go number two in the little box. Place some feces in the litter box so your pig will get the idea that it’s supposed to go in there. Pigs are extremely smart and they will catch on to potty training quickly if you present the idea correctly.

Indoor and outdoor potty training early is a great idea. You want your pig to eventually be able to do her business outside all the time and get rid of the litter box. Designate a spot in the yard where you want your pig to use the bathroom. One pig owner gave this tip if your yard is not fenced in. Make an outdoor potty ring with a piece of hardware cloth that is about 2.5 feet high and 15 feet in length. Make a circle with the wire mesh and use twist ties to connect the ends. This defined area is great for potty training young piggies. Make sure to stay with your pot belly pig outside while she does her business while you are still training. That way, you can praise her after she successfully used the bathroom outside and you can make sure she doesn’t find a way out of the potty ring or yard and get hurt.

For more information on pot belly pig potty training see a previous blog by us about making your pot belly a proper toilet area.


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