What to do if Your Pot Belly Pig is Missing

The Oxford Press of Oxford, Ohio reported two pot belly pigs were running loose around town on April 6. Luckily, they have since been returned to their owner. However, this incident brings up a valid question, what should you do if your pot-bellied pig gets loose and runs away? Not all owners are as lucky as the one in the article and depending on how large your pot belly pig is, he or she may be very hard to catch. Here are some tips for finding your beloved pet if he or she turns up missing.

  • Start a foot search immediately. The sooner you start looking the less distance your pig will have traveled. If your pot belly pig is large, he or she is probably not very fast and you can catch up and try to harness him or her quickly. If your pot belly pig is smaller and fast, this may be harder, but pigs are very smart and they may be stopping to smell the roses along their journey. Usually when pets run away, they don’t run more than a mile from home. Try to get the neighborhood involved, and be sure to check under decks, inside open garages, in heavy brush, sheds, etc. Talk to everyone you see to try to get information and get the word out that your pet is missing.
  • Call your local animal shelter and animal control and all the shelters and animal control officers in your surrounding area. Make sure to give them a detailed description of your pot belly pig and how to contact you.
  • Try to get into the same mindset of your pet. Were there sounds or events that made your pig want to run away and check something out? They might have been running towards or away from something, think about this to try to figure out what direction they may have gone.
  • Look for evidence that your pot belly pig has been in the area, such as prints or animal droppings.
  • Call for your pet (at night when it’s quiet is best), pigs are very smart and can definitely learn and respond to their own name.
  • Make flyers with a good photo of your pot belly pig on it and post them up all over the neighborhood and town. Include your pet’s size, coloring, last location he/she was seen and where you can be reached. Put them up at your local grocery store, coffee shop, drug store, restaurants and library.
  • Put up an online ad on CraigsList with a photo and any other lost animal sites you can find. Many local newspapers have free online ads, if yours does don’t hesitate to put it up. You can also pay to put an ad up online or in the actual newspaper. Call all the local radio stations and try to get your lost pot belly pig information on the air.
  • Many people out there are animal lovers and want to help, even if they are complete strangers. Definitely take advantage of anyone who wants to help and make sure to thank them and let them know when your pet turns up.

If your pot belly pig gets lost the most important thing to remember is don’t give up! Many lost animals are returned to their rightful owners weeks or months later. The Internet is a powerful tool, use it to your advantage by posting ads everywhere. Use social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and Twitter to get the word out about your lost pet too. Don’t give up hope, there are many lost animal success stories out there and if you try your best and do all the things listed above you have a very good chance of being reunited with your beloved pet.


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