Must Have: Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Pot Bellied Pig

It's important for owners to take care of their pot belly pig's dry skin

Caring for your pot bellied pig means making sure they have the right kind of shampoo, conditioner and other hair and skin products made especially for them. Online stores such as Pigs4Ever have tons of products to keep your pot belly pig happy and help you care for them correctly.

Since pot belly pigs have such dry skin, shampoo made for dogs, cats or humans are not suitable for them. Those shampoos are formulated to pull oils out of skin, which is the opposite of what pot bellied pigs need. One product, Hair and Skin Conditioner is an oil-based product that contains Liposol. It’s “top dressed” on the feed and when fed in conjunction with the Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement, also offered from the site, it has helped 93% of the pigs that have problems with dry skin. Also to help fight dryness, Ultra Shampoo is high in lanolin to help soften the skin. It’s used during a bath, lathers and washes off easily and won’t burn your pot belly’s eyes.

Another must-have for pot belly pigs that are outside a lot is sunscreen. It will protect their hair and skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s Citronella scented which will keep the flies off your pig.

Pigs4Ever also offers other hair and skin products such as dry shampoo, for when you can’t give your piggie a bath or he or she hates water and other skin treatments for minor scrapes or itchy, crusty and scaley skin.


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