Pot belly Pigs Given Away to Celebrities at the Golden Globes

Vouchers for micro pot belly pigs were given away at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

This year at a 2010 Golden Globes swag suite, guests were given vouchers in their gift bags to receive a free miniature pot belly pig. To accompany this, they had a cute live miniature pot belly pig at the suite for celebrities to play with. The company offering the vouchers, Patty’s Royal Dandie Miniature Pet Pig, usually sells the miniature pot belly pigs for about $4,500, but for celebrities who take a class on how to care for them, they are free.

Pot belly pigs are wonderful pets, if you are someone who has enough time to care for them. They are highly intelligent (the 4th on the intelligence list) and usually sweet, sensitive, clean and odorless. However, because of their high intelligence level, they can easily become bored if not given attention and become destructive. Also it can be difficult to find a vet with health care knowledge to treat pot bellied pigs and many zoning laws do not allow them as pets. Every year hundreds of pot belly pigs are abandoned or die because owners do not know how to care for them.

It is probably for these reasons that P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is opposed to pot belly pigs being kept as pets. They have publicly spoken out against celebrities such as Paris Hilton for owning one.

Other celebrity fans of pot belly pigs include, David and Victoria Beckham, Rupert Grint, George Clooney and Charlotte Church.

At least there is a small level of responsibility in the swag suite, after all, potential celebrity pot belly pig owners must take a care class before redeeming their voucher. But with the busy lives most stars have, is it really a good idea for them to be owning such high maintenance pets?


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