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Keep a Potbelly Pig Entertained With a Busy Ball

February 3, 2010

Valentine’s Day is coming and pig owners should do something special for their potbelly pigs. A potbelly pig is a loving animal that appreciates warmth from its owner, so it will enjoy a Valentine’s Day present.

A potbellied pig owner needs to remember that when choosing the right present for their potbelly pig it should be safe and fun. A potbelly is a highly intelligent animal that gets bored easily. If the present is something that won’t hold its interest it will find something else to play with. In most cases that is not good!

PBPTLC suggests that a Busy Ball is the best present for a pig. These balls are meant to hold potbelly pig treats inside of them, which fall out during play. This helps hold the pigs interest in the toy, keeping it away from playing with household items that can be harmful.

The best thing about potbelly pig Busy Balls are they cannot be destroyed by a potbellied! This saves the pig owner money on toys and keeps the potbelly satisfied.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!