Training a Potbelly Pig with a Harness

Choose the right potbelly pig harness.

A potbelly pig owner spotted their neighbor walking his potbelly pig in his front yard with a harness. And of course the person thought, how cute, that would be perfect for my potbelly pig! So this person rushed home and hopped on the Internet to find information about potbelly pig harnesses and they stumbled across this blog.

Before one goes out and buys a pig harness for their little piggy one needs to read this blog to find out three things:

  1. Socialize the potbelly pig – A potbelly pig needs to be socialized before it can be put in an harness. A potbelly pig that is not used to being around people will not behave in a harness. An owner will also cause a lot of stress on the pig and that could lead to serious health problems. So make sure the potbelly pig can handle being around strangers before taking  it outside in an harness.
  2. Measure the potbelly pig – That’s right. Potbelly pigs come in different sizes so make sure the size of the potbelly pig is known. The owner doesn’t want to spend money on a harness that doesn’t fit the potbelly pig. The owner certainly doesn’t want to put a harness on the potbelly pig, which is too tight or too loose because that could seriously injure or kill the potbelly pig. Use a measuring tape to find out the size of the pig’s neck and girth behind the front legs.
  3. Choose style of potbelly pig harness – There are two types of harnesses for potbelly pigs. An H-style potbelly pig harness goes around the neck and girth. An A-style potbelly pig harness fits over the head and comes together around the back of the front legs. The owner should look at both styles and decide which one is best for the potbelly pig. Be aware that both work well, but everyone has their own preference.

We would appreciate it if readers would tell us about their experiences with potbelly pig harnesses.


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