3 Potbelly Pig Care Myths to Avoid For Proper Care

Hire the proper vet for your potbelly pig

Hire the proper vet for your potbelly pig

You can do the right research in what to look for in a potbelly pig, buy it, and not know how to properly take care of it, causing your little porker to have a shortened life span. That’s why you need to know how to take care of your Wilbur before you buy him unless you want him to become your Christmas ham.

Here are some myths and advice about potbelly pig care:
1. Myth: You can use your dog’s or cat’s vet for your potbelly pig and it will receive the best care.

Fact: You need to find a vet that specializes in potbelly pig care. Potbellies need different health care than cats and dogs, so don’t depend on your dog’s vet for proper potbelly pig care.
2. Myth: Since your potbelly pig is large, you can leave it outside in the cold.

Fact: Do not leave your potbelly pig in the cold or other harsh weather conditions because they are very susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis.

3. Myth: A potbelly pig is an exotic pet that requires little or no TLC.

Fact: A potbelly pig should have yearly vaccinations, hoof trimmings, and physicals to stay healthy.

Understand what is myth and what is not about potbelly pig care and your potbelly pig will have a long life.


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