A Teacup Pig Is a Small Type of Potbelly Pig

Teacup pigs can grow to average size

You heard that teacup pigs are the rage in Britain because they are so small, that’s why you want to buy one. But here is the surprise, the term “teacup” does not describe a new breed of pig, it’s just a label for a small potbelly pig. So when you buy a “teacup” pig don’t be surprised if it grows beyond 30 pounds despite what the breeder said. These “special” potbelly pigs are bred to weigh 55 to 60 pounds and grow to average knee height, but they can also grow bigger.

There are actually tricks that breeders do to make it appear that you are buying a new breed of pig that is meant to stay small for its entire life span. One popular trick is that a breeder will show potbelly piglets less than 10 pounds, and then their “teacup” parents without explaining that the parents are small because pigs can breed at 3 months of age. The breeder may also not mention that pigs do not stop growing until they reach the age of three or four.

So if you want a pet pig, you should remember that no pig is meant to be small for its entire lifespan.


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