Where to Find Healthy Potbelly Pigs

Ask about Potbelly pig care from a breeder

You have done the proper research on care of potbelly pigs, because you want your pet potbelly to live a long and healthy life in your home. After doing that extensive research on potbelly pig care, ironically you don’t know where to buy one or what to look for when buying one. Well, guess what you have to do now… more research.

Don’t get frustrated now that you are so close at getting that little piglet you’ve always wanted. All you need to do for this step is look at the different sources of where you can get potbelly pigs:

  • Local Newspapers
    Look under the miscellaneous animals or exotic animals section
  • Potbelly Pig Registries
    Write to or call pig registries and ask for names and addresses of local breeders
  • Local Pet Stores or Feed Stores
    Even if they don’t sell potbelly pigs they may know where you can buy one

When you find where you can buy potbelly pigs in your area, now comes the fun part – research. If the seller has a Web site it is a good idea to check it out. If the seller doesn’t have a Web site, it is an excellent idea to call around to see if the breeder has a reputation. You should look into the seller’s records of immunization, vaccinations and de-worming.

Some breeders may boast that they won awards, you should look into seeing if that is actually true by looking into the association or whoever granted the awards.

When you come closer to finding a potbelly pig seller, you should ask about the history of the parents and ask if you can see them when you visit the seller.

When you decide to visit the potbelly pig seller you should examine the potbelly pigs environment to make sure it is clean. You should also examine the pigs eyes to make sure they are clear and examine the skin to make sure it is healthy. Pay attention to the pigs behavior as well to make sure it has been properly socialized. Examining the potbelly pig thoroughly before you buy it will save you vet bills or a trip back to the seller for a refund, it the seller offers one.


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