7 Steps of Positive Reinforcement When Training Pot Bellies

It is a fact that pot bellies are the fourth smartest animals in the world, so when pot bellies owners realize this fact some may expect too much from their pot belly too quickly during training. These owners may become frustrated with their pot belly during training and not follow the proper steps when training its such as making sure their pot belly trusts them before training. They do not realize or in their excitement have forgotten that their pot belly is a prey animal, unlike dogs and cats, and therefore by nature are resist to forceful behavior.

Here are seven steps of positive reinforcement a pot belly owner should use when training their pot belly:

1. Use a small amount of food to reward the pig when it does something desirable
2. Make sure the pig is moderately hungry before training
3. Keep the number of treats moderate
4. Aim to train the pig to do a trick that is a modified natural behavior
5. Realize the physical limitations of the pig when training; pigs cannot roll over
6. Remain patient, kind and fair at all times
7. Never train more than one pig at a time


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